Is Oceanhorn a good game

Oceanhorn is a video game with a beautiful style and narrative, but it may be too short. You can explore the world at your own pace, meet colorful characters and sail through treacherous seas in this open-world adventure! As well as being visually stunning, Oceanhorn has a deep storybook-style narration that brings the whole experience together in a really satisfying way.However, it’s worth noting that the game is rather short-finished in under 4 hours. For some people, this might not be enough to justify the $14.99 price tag on Steam and other platforms.

What are the game’s graphics like, what kind of music does it have

The graphics in the game are colorful and stylized, with a cartoony look that gives the world a really charming feel. The music is also well-done, with an epic and adventurous sound that really immerses you in the game’s world.

Does the game have a good story line or just mindless gameplay

Oceanhorn does have a good story line- the game is based on the story of King of Arcadia, and you play as a young boy named Horn who is trying to find his father. The storybook-style narration really brings the whole experience together in a satisfying way.

Is the gameplay easy to understand and follow or do you need to read instructions

The game is easy to play and understand, with no complicated controls or tutorials to slog through. You can just jump right in and start exploring the world.

How many levels does this game include and how difficult are they

The game includes a total of 8 levels, and they increase in difficulty as you progress. The final boss fight is particularly challenging, but fortunately there are useful items scattered around the levels that can help you defeat enemies and progress through the game.

What types of enemies can you expect in this game 

You can expect to encounter a variety of enemies in Oceanhorn. There are boss battles against giant sea creatures, groups of dogs, and even golems made out of stone. The enemies are varied and interesting, and provide a real challenge to beat.

How long to beat Oceanhorn

The game can be finished in under 4 hours. But there are also sidequests and other content to keep you busy after you’ve completed the main story.

 Is this game worth buying 

Yes, Oceanhorn is worth buying. The game comes with some nice features like voice acting, combat, and graphics. The gameplay is also very easy to learn. The story is interesting, and the game can be finished in a relatively short amount of time. Oceanhorn is definitely worth picking up if you’re looking for an enjoyable open-world adventure game.

Would I recommend this game to others based on my experience with it so far

I would recommend this game to others based on my experience with it so far. When I first played it, I found the gameplay to be easy and enjoyable, and since the game is short, I was able to complete it quickly. That being said, if you’re looking for a long game that will last you 20 hours or more, this might not be the right choice for you.


Overall, Oceanhorn is an enjoyable game with a great story and beautiful graphics. The gameplay is easy to understand and follow, and the levels are well-designed and challenging. Although it is short, the game provides enough content to keep you busy for a while after you finish it. So is Oceanhorn a good game? Yes, it is!

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